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Meet K9 Xena...

Xena is a Belgian Malinois, born in April of 2015.  She was adopted from Woof Project rescue in late 2016.  

Xena is a FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) certified "live-find" K9.  She can be used to search for victims of disasters such as earthquakes, building collapses, hurricanes, tornadoes, as well for wilderness searches to find lost hikers and  Alzheimer's patients.


Xena searches for any live "hidden" subject in a large area, or building.  She does not need a scent article to locate an individual.  Her most recent call out was for a lost hiker in a Camarillo wildness area.  Unfortunately the hiker was found deceased. 

Xena's most recent re-certification was in Feb. 2023 will be her last one, before a well deserved retirement.

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