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Meet K9 Mira...

Mira is a German Shepherd dog, and yes- she’s got blue eyes! She has a fancy genetic variant in her ALX4 gene which causes her eyes to be blue. This is very rare in shepherds! 


Mira was surrendered at birth to a Sacramento shelter, along with her litter mates and both parents. Woof Project rescue took all of the dogs into their care and raised the puppies until 8 weeks of age, and then found them all (parents included) loving homes. 


At a young age, Mira’s handler, Jenn realized that Mira was going to need a job to keep her occupied and enrolled her in a foundational class on “Tracking”. Mira excelled, and has since gone on to learn from many experienced trailing handlers and trainers. 


After a year and a half of training in the trailing discipline with the Ventura County Search and Rescue (SAR) Team, Mira and her handler Jenn both successfully POST (California Peace Officer Standards of Training) certified in both wilderness and urban trailing in May of 2023. 

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