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All Search and Rescue teams are made up of volunteers.  The local law enforcement budget doesn't cover any costs for this service.  All Food, Medical, Equipment, and Purchase of the canines are at the handlers personnel expense. 


Because of this, many Search and Rescue Teams need public and corporate donations to help offset these rising costs.

Here is the average cost for a member on our K9 Search and Rescue team...


$3000 K9 Purchase (one time purchase)

$2500 K9 Training  (yearly per canine)

$1000 Food Costs (yearly per canine)

$2500 Veterinary Costs (yearly per canine)

$1000 Equipment Costs (yearly per canine)


(Information only)

$7,000 yearly cost per handler

Feel free to donate any amount!

K9 Dino Bilateral OCD
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