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Meet K9 Uma...

Uma is a Dutch Shepherd, born in October of 2015.  She was acquired from a breeder in Washington State.  Uma is a FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) HRD (human remains detection) certified K9.  She is used to search after disasters such as earthquakes, building collapses, hurricanes, tornadoes, burned out structures and landslides, as well as wilderness searches for lost hikers and possibly suicidal persons.

Uma's most recent FEMA deployment was to was to Florida to assist in recovering deceased victims in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, in the fall of 2022.  Uma and Deresa searched for human remains in the aftermath of the Butte County wildland fire in 2020.  


Uma's first confirmed find was a firefighter who lost lost his life in a devastating library fire in Fresno County and her second confirmed find was an elderly gentleman who walked away from a mobile park near Ojai.  Uma just recertified in May 2023.

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