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Meet K9 Jazz...

Jazz is a female Hanoverian Hound, a rare 200 year old breed renowned for their outstanding hunting ability as trailing dogs. Jazz was born in Slovakia on May 5, 2013. She joined the team when her handler, Bob Massey, picked her up from South Carolina in early August 2013.  Bob has been working trailing dogs on our team for the past 15 years.  Jazz is making excellent progress as Bob's new trainee and once certified Jazz and Bob will work along side our two bloodhounds to assist in searches for missing individuals. Jazz's  job will be to follow a subjects scent once she has been given an article to sniff with the person's scent on it. We look forward to having Bob and Jazz serve the search efforts of the Ventura County Sheriff's Office for many years to come.

Jazz 001A.jpg
2015_03_01 Jazz_1341.jpg
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