Ventura County Search and Rescue K-9 Unit is a volunteer non-profit 501(c)(3). Through the use of highly trained and tested handlers and their canine partners, provides assistance to local, state and federal agencies in the search for and the recovery of lost and missing persons. The K9 unit is trained in Area Search, Trailing, and Human Remains Detection (Cadaver). In Case of an Emergency: If you are confronted with a situation involving a lost or missing person you should CONTACT LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT IMMEDIATELY. The sooner a search is started the better the chance for survival. The Search and Rescue office # is 805-388-4257.
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Human Remains Detection...
K-9s are trained in the location of human decomposition: tissue, blood, bones, teeth etc.  In some cases, these items are used as evidence in a case.   In addition, our HRD K-9s are trained to located remains in water.
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375 Durley Avenue #A, Camarillo, California 93010 (805) 388-4257
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